Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram back online

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram back online

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram back online

PETALING JAYA: Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram have all come back online, signalling an end to one of the longest outages in the apps’ histories.

The apps, which are all under Facebook’s suite of properties, went down at about 11pm yesterday and were mostly inaccessible for the better part of six hours. However, service in some areas took longer to recover.

According to website monitoring group Downdetector, it was the largest such failure it had ever seen.

All three apps are working normally as of now. While some experts quoted by Reuters said the outage was likely due to internal errors, they did not rule out the possibility of sabotage by an insider.

Facebook has yet to release additional information on the reason behind the failures.

The outage had huge ramifications for the tech giant, with the ad revenue tracker Standard Media Index estimating the company lost US$545,000 (RM2.75 million) every hour that its sites were down in the US alone.

Twitter, which is not owned by Facebook, had fun during the outage, with multiple users taking to the platform to complain about the other services being down.

“Hello literally everyone,” the company tweeted from its official account, a post which garnered 2.8 million favourites and 708,000 retweets in just seven hours.

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram back online

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