Now Zahid joins in on dress code furore

Now Zahid joins in on dress code furore

Now Zahid joins in on dress code furore

PETALING JAYA: Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has joined in on the furore regarding dress codes which started with Beruas MP Ngeh Koo Ham’s comment about the strict dress code imposed at government offices.

“Such matters should not be questioned as if it was something that is a burden on the people,” Zahid wrote in an online posting.

He said trying to form a political perception regarding dress codes while dealing with government departments or agencies was “going overboard”.

Zahid also agreed with a recent statement by Cuepacs president Adnan Mat that the dress code was in line with the Rukun Negara.

“Malaysians of all races and religions understand that the concept of courtesy and morality is part of the Rukun Negara,” he said.

He added that attempting to argue that dress codes were a burden on the poor or people of different ethnicities was being “shallow”, saying that wearing “decent” clothes did not mean the clothes had to be expensive or beautiful.

“I really hope that the civil servants are not at all affected by the views of the opposition MP in question.

“Malaysia is a country inhabited by a virtuous society, in line with the high value of its cultural decency.”

Security guards have no business interpreting dress codes, says Lee Lam Thye

Now Zahid joins in on dress code furore

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