Scrap plans for more highways, Putrajaya urged

Scrap plans for more highways, Putrajaya urged

Scrap plans for more highways, Putrajaya urged

PETALING JAYA: Two transport experts have urged the government to abandon plans to build new highways for the Klang Valley, saying they will not alleviate traffic congestion.

Transport consultants Rosli Azad Khan and Goh Bok Yen said the government’s priorities were misplaced.

Rosli Azad Khan said there were already too many highways in the Klang Valley and the government should resolve issues with the public transportation system before considering the construction of new ones.

“It is time for us to consolidate and resolve the first mile and last mile issues of our public transport systems,” he told FMT. “They’re not operating at the optimal level, with so many of them constantly breaking down. Shouldn’t a responsible government resolve those issues first?”

Scrap plans for more highways, Putrajaya urged
Rosli Azad Khan.

Rosli said urban areas in the Klang Valley were designed mainly for cars and there had been a failure to integrate new forms of personalised modes of transport into the system.

“Perhaps we need a complete revamp of the road layout in urban areas, especially in places that are near public transport stations, to accommodate e-scooters and other personalised modes of transport.”

Yesterday, works minister Fadillah Yusof said proposals for the construction of new highways had been approved, adding that traffic congestion could potentially be reduced if 60% of commuters used roads and 40% used public transport.

Transport Minister must come from industry players

Scrap plans for more highways, Putrajaya urged

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