Who leaked details of my son, asks Cambodia scam victim’s mother

Who leaked details of my son, asks Cambodia scam victim’s mother

Who leaked details of my son, asks Cambodia scam victim’s mother

PETALING JAYA: A woman whose son is trapped in Cambodia has accused the authorities there of leaking information regarding her son’s whereabouts to criminal syndicates that had lured him there through a jobs scam.

The woman, known as Madam Wong, said her son was lured to Cambodia seven months ago and has told her that he is stranded there.

She said efforts to rescue him have so far failed, even though she had given valuable information to the authorities.

She said she believes corrupt officers in Cambodian enforcement agencies are working in cahoots with the syndicates.

And She explained that she had obtained information about her son’s whereabouts through the efforts of some well-wishers and from what her son said in secret phone calls.

She furnished the detials to the Malaysian embassy in Phnom Penh, which is believed to have relayed the information to the Cambodian police.

Lawati Laman :

“However, to my surprise, the syndicate had queried my son on the exact details which they received from the Cambodian police,” Wong told FMT. As a result, she said her son is now trapped in a complex web of human trafficking and scam syndicates in Cambodia.

“After the information was leaked, he was sent over to another syndicate. From a phone call with my son a few days ago, he told me that he’s again being transferred to a third syndicate,” she said.

FMT has emailed the Malaysian embassy in Cambodia for clarification.

It is learned that when victims fail to perform in their job, to scam people through phone calls or online, a syndicate would sell or transfer them to other syndicates.

Wong’s son was duped into taking a “high-paying” job as a telemarketer in Cambodia. He was taken by several people from Penang to Cambodia using illegal routes in November last year.

According to the mother, it turned out that the actual job was to scam people via phone calls or online.

Wong said her last resort would be to pay a ransom of at least US$13,000 for the syndicate to release her son.

“I heard some victims were released after their families paid the ransom. But USD13,000 is a huge amount for me, and that will certainly not be the end of the ordeal.”

​Disyorkan Untuk Anda :

She said she had been told that if the victims were released, they would be detained and investigated by Cambodian authorities for illegally entering the country.

“I hope there will be light at the end of the tunnel. He misses home, he misses his family, and I am really worried they have done something bad to him,” she said.

Wong had previously brought details of her son’s problem to MCA public services head Michael Chong in March.

Chong said more than 50 Malaysian youths were being held against their will in Cambodia and forced to scam people.

Following the publicity of the cases, 16 Malaysians were rescued from Preah Sihanouk province in Cambodia and brought home.

Chong told FMT that two more teenagers were rescued from the syndicate about three weeks ago. “They are still in Cambodia and awaiting the documentation process and would be brought home hopefully by next week,” he said.

Malaysian youths claim to have been trafficked into Cambodia and forced to cheat people on the phone by syndicate

Who leaked details of my son, asks Cambodia scam victim’s mother


Lawati Laman :

Lawati Laman :

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