Croc spotted at Kijal beach

Croc spotted at Kijal beach
A screengrab from a viral video, shows what appears to be a crocodile at the Kampung Tengah beach near Kijal.

Croc spotted at Kijal beach

KEMAMAN: A group of fishermen were shocked to see a crocodile swimming at the Kampung Tengah beach near Kijal here early this morning.

Wan Zuhairi Wan Nordin, 32 said they were on their way to catch anchovies when they spotted the reptile.

“We were not sure what it was until the thing moved and we saw the water splashing hard. Upon close scrutiny, we discovered that it was a two-metre-long crocodile not far from our boat.

“I was worried because it was close to the beach, about 100 metres only. I managed to record it as proof so that beach-goers would be more careful,” the fisherman of 15 years told reporters today.

“Our hope is that nothing untoward happens because the beach is popular, especially during the school holidays and weekends,” he said, adding that he hoped the authorities would take action.

The eight-second video taken by Wan Zuhairi went viral on social media and elicited various reactions from netizens who expressed their concern about the safety of visitors and village residents.

Meanwhile, Terengganu Wildlife and National Parks Department (PERHILITAN) director Loo Kean Seong said his department has yet to receive any information about the sighting.–BERNAMA

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Croc spotted at Kijal beach

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