Pull together so BN can unseat DAP, says Mohamad

Pull together so BN can unseat DAP, says Mohamad

Pull together so BN can unseat DAP, says Mohamad
BN members at the launch of its Penang election machinery in Tasek Gelugor today. (JohnShen Lee pic)

TASEK GELUGOR: Barisan Nasional deputy chairman Mohamad Hasan has urged the coalition to put its house in order if it wishes to unseat DAP in Penang.

He said that it was not impossible for BN to defeat DAP in the state as DAP’s losses in its strongholds in the Melaka, Johor, and Sarawak state elections had shown the party to be vulnerable.

“We won Durian Tunggal (in Melaka), which is their stronghold,” he told more than 1,300 BN members at the launch of Penang BN’s election machinery. “Let us not think that DAP is unsinkable.”

“Who expected that MCA could win a lot in Johor, and MIC winning three out of four contested seats? Who expected that we could win Yong Peng,” he added, referring to Johor state assembly seats held by DAP since 2013.

He urged BN members to develop a winning mentality and come up with winning strategies to unseat DAP, which has led the state government since 2008 with its partners PKR and Amanah.

BN lost control of the state government in 2008. At the 2018 general election, BN won only two seats, Sungai Dua and Permatang Berangan, out of 40 seats.

BN will tell Ismail right time for GE15

Later, Mohamad told Bernama that Barisan Nasional would conver “the right signals” to Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob on a suitable time to hold the general election.

“The prime minister is considering and waiting for the right time, so we need to send the right signals.

“I will be touring the country with my colleagues and the results of the work visits will be presented and discussed at the management committee and party political bureau levels. We will wrap it up before mid-August,” he said.

He said the BN election machinery in Penang had reached 50% readiness.

Former DAP rep says party must walk the talk in pulling Malay support

Pull together so BN can unseat DAP, says Mohamad

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