Thai media say Tedy Teow to be deported to China

Thai media say Tedy Teow to be deported to China

Thai media say Tedy Teow to be deported to China
‘Tedy’ Teow Wooi Huat, shown here at a 2017 event in Penang, is wanted in connection with a US$83 million money-laundering scam in Macau. (Facebook pic)

PETALING JAYA: Malaysian police are seeking to have fugitive businessman ‘Tedy’ Teow Wooi Huat repatriated from Thailand for investigations into cheating.

However, Thai media reported that Teow, who is in the custody of Thai immigration authorities, would be deported to China tomorrow (July 26).

“He is expected to be deported to China soon,” a police source told Bernama but did not want to divulge details on when Teow will be deported.

Teow, who is on the Interpol red notice list, is wanted in connection with a RM336 million (US$83 million) money-laundering scam in Macau.

Malaysian police secretary Noorsiah Mohd Saaduddin said Teow is being investigated for cheating and the police “are in the process of applying for the individual to be repatriated to Malaysia to assist in investigations”.


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The 55-year-old Teow, founder of MBI Group International, operated entertainment complexes, including a resort in Danok at the Thailand-Malaysia border, and also built a business empire from dubious online investment schemes that attracted investors from China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Macau.

In 2017, Teow was arrested by Malaysian authorities on drug charges but he bolted to Thailand.

Last week, he was called in by police in Sadao and informed that his visa had been revoked.

In 2019, Malaysian authorities froze 91 bank accounts totalling RM177 million linked to MBI Group International, which was listed by Bank Negara as a company running a dubious financial scheme.

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Thai media say Tedy Teow to be deported to China


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